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If you follow Full House Reviewed, you’ll know that Billy Superstar reviewed his final episode of Full House this week. Billy Superstar was a major influence on me starting this blog and I am very grateful for his undertaking of the Full House project through the years, even when he thought it was painful. He has announced his new project: a Rifftrax style Saved by the Bell reviewed podcast featuring the guys from the Gentlemen of Leisure blog.

When I started this blog, I had no idea that Billy Superstar intended to do Saved by the Bell when Full House was complete. I contacted him because I don’t want to step on his toes, and he and I both agree that there’s room for both of our projects. I know I don’t have much of an audience yet (at least judging by the lack of comments left), but I encourage everyone who follows me to also follow the new podcast. I’m looking forward to seeing how much each of us catches that the other does not.

The Saved by the Bell podcast will be posted on Tumblr here. There will also be a link in the blogroll.

5 responses to “Site Announcement

  1. That is awesome. I discovered this blog thru FHR. I look forward to your reviews as well as Billy’s up coming podcast!

  2. I loved Full House Reviewed, and I’m loving Saved By The Bell Reviewed:-) You guys rock!!!!

  3. Hey, I appreciate the link in the Blog Roll! I took a rather extended break from reviewing, and I’m glad people are still dropping in/ I intend on keeping up on it more regularly.

    I will gladly add your site to my own blog roll. Thanks again, I appreciate it!

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