The New Class Season 2, Episode 9: “Belding’s Prank”


We open with Tommy D coming down the stairs to meet Brian and Bobby. The audience quite literally has a fit that Tommy D has graced us, the viewer, with his presence for only the twenty-second time. I’m wondering if, at this point, the producers were desperately trying to turn Tommy D into the heartthrob of the series.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h22m51s243You’ll probably recognize Milton and Ron here but the middle nerd is a new one named Stanley. If he looks familiar to you, he should. We met him two weeks ago as “Noogie.” Yeah, the producers couldn’t go two weeks without reusing actors as new characters. Maybe Noogie had to go into witness protection after he blew the whistle on the athletic director.

Our nerds are here to play the most cliched practical joke ever on our three male leads: joy buzzers. Yes, The New Class is now recycling plots from way back in Good Morning, Miss Bliss as it’s prank week at Bayside.


In a bizarre boundary crossing move, Mr. Belding is also in on prank week as he gives the boys fake detention, suspension, and expulsion just to see the looks on their faces. The boys are naturally depressed that they were fooled twice in a row, once by the nerds and the second time by the most insane principal in the country. vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h23m58s162

Screech enters to tell Mr. Belding the new superintendent wants to visit Bayside. Mr.Belding, remembering how Screech pulled a prank on Miss Bliss six years ago, assumes this is also a prank and puts Screech in charge of the “school shaper-upper committee,” which is tasked with the all-important job of counting the chairs. I’m more amazed, though, that the writers are acknowledging Mr. Belding has a boss.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h24m53s26

In the second most cliched practical joke ever, the boys take a page from Screech’s ability to fool Miss Bliss and fill Megan and Rachel’s lockers with fake snakes. They scream like Jason and Freddy both jumped out of their lockers ready to eat their souls. Lindsay gets different treatment, though, when Tommy D ties her book to the inside of her locker. Oh the horror!vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h25m51s0

In Mr. Petrie’s science class…I don’t know how to describe the scene before me. Milton, Stanley, and Ron are in a circle around chickens dancing to the funky disco styling of Disco by Muzak.


The chickens just look confused like, “What the fuck do these morons expect us to do right now?” and plot for an excuse to go all Alfred Hitchcock on their asses. What we are witnessing is apparently an experiment in which our nerds seek to show that chickens who dance disco produce larger eggs. Except…the chickens aren’t dancing disco. They’re standing around looking confused and questioning why they’re on a lame, unfunny, and unneeded television spin-off. Television writing 101: if you’re going to create a scenario, at least have the decency to make sure the situation you describe through dialogue is actually occurring. vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h26m38s220

Up next are our male heroes, who seek to show how weather affects nature…using recordings of bird calls and a toy elephant and giraffe. This is just fucking bad. This is like a Zack Morris last minute “pulled out of my ass” experiment.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h26m58s154

To make things worse, the girls have chosen to get revenge on the boys for mildly inconveniencing them by…sabotaging their science project. Come on, it may be a shitty little science project but it’s still their attempt to get a good grade. I think we’re seeing the importance here of making sure the proportion of your revenge matches the action you’re seeking revenge for. Otherwise, you come off looking like an unlikable asshole, as in the case of the girls.

In Mr. Belding’s office, Screech dusts all the frames like a douche and then manages to get his feather duster stuck in the dot matrix printer. Mr. Belding’s secretary must be on vacation that day because Mr. Belding’s phone rings from an outside line and Screech answers it. It’s the superintendent calling again to establish what was already established a few minutes ago: that he’s coming to inspect Bayside. Mr. Belding comes in and, still under the impression it’s a prank, mildly insults himself by suggesting that Bayside is turning into a clown college.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h29m00s109

Screech starts crying at the realization that his boss is a fucking moron. Mr. Belding realizes that Screech’s tantrum probably means that this isn’t a prank and they get about rectifying the most pressing issue at Bayside: ensuring that a plumber is called to unclog the sink in the girl’s locker room. I’m glad they have their priorities in order.

Ron and Stanley pick that moment to come in and reveal they’ve decided to follow in the long Saved by the Bell tradition of running around school in their underwear since their clothes have been strung up on the flag pole.

Mr. Belding decides he has to call off prank week before the superintendent arrives, but not before he finds out Screech somehow wired water into the intercom microphone. I think that’s both dangerous and impossible. Is Screech trying to kill Mr. Belding now? If Mr. Belding didn’t make prank week an official school sponsored event, he wouldn’t have this problem.

The boys hear the announcement about prank week being cancelled but decide to prank the girls anyway since they won’t be expecting it. Unfortunately, by means of contrivance, the girls just happen to be hiding behind some mats and overhear the entire thing. They decide that, if the boys aren’t quitting, neither are they.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h31m08s105

And in walks the world’s best dressed plumber, Lou Jaworski, who explains that he just came from the “Golden Plunger” awards, because plumbers have comical sounding industry awards in this universe.

The girls tell the boys that Lou is actually the superintendent and tell them to undo what they did, which was apparently installing green slime in the girl’s locker room sink. Good lord this scene is taking forever.

Screech comes in to prolong the scene even further when the boys tell him that Lou is the superintendent. Since a comedic misunderstanding is needed, Screech assumes that Lou is the superintendent while Lou assume Screech knows he’s the plumber and just has lots of respect for his industry. Screech takes Lou off to meet Mr. Belding.

At The Max, Mr. Belding and Screech treat Lou to lunch and still don’t think anything is up when he says he gets paid by the hour and when Lou seems to know about the problem with the girl’s locker room. The girls decide to take advantage of Mr. Belding’s presence to go back to school and play their own practical joke.

Screech also rushes back to Bayside to chew out the plumber for being late.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h34m16s189

The girls have cawking pillows underneath lab coats that are supposed to be chickens. They run into Bobby, who realizes what’s going on, and the boys decide that their prank is back on.

Stanley encounters this man, who says he’s Superintendent Stollman and that he’s looking for Mr. Belding. Stanley directs him to Screech and runs off really fast because he’s tired of being in this episode. Screech, in more wackiness, assumes that, because Mr. Stollman’s shirt is dirty, he’s the plumber. Oh, wacky classism!
vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h37m12s164Screech brings Mr. Stollman to the girl’s locker room, where he’s slimed by the boy’s prank. After engaging in some more wacky misunderstandings, Screech finally realizes who the superintendent is. Screech takes him to the boy’s locker room to clean up, where he’s promptly mauled by wild disco-crazed chickens. Mr. Belding comes in with Lou and figures out all these wacky misunderstandings.


And Mr. Stollman comes out covered in fake feathers.


After a commercial break and some rehashing of everything that’s gone on so far in this episode (in case you were comatose or just fell asleep out of sheer boredom), Mr. Belding comes out with a box full of his belongings and says he’s been fired.vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h41m42s46We cut to The Max, where Mr. Belding is now a waiter because there were no other jobs available in Los Angeles for an educator with an administration degree. The gang all feel guilty and bleah bleah bleah.

Mr. Stollman holds an assembly to announce the new principal because superintendents always personally announce their new hires to the students. Mr. Stollman announces Mr. Belding is the new principal and, how wacky! It was a prank from Mr. Belding to teach the students the value of respecting his authori-tay. Mr. Belding decides that, because the gang felt guilty and learned a valuable lesson, there’s no need for detention. And everything is horribly wrapped up for another week!

Firsts: Stanley.

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  1. That sounds like the quickest and most anti-climatic ending ever. How I hated The New Class. At the time, I was probably glad for the recap as I had fallen asleep.

  2. The guy named Lou, looks an awful lot like the actor who was in Jessie’s band on Full house in the episode where he goes to his HS reunion, his ex GF is there and he sings My Sharona. Also this is the 2nd time Belding has worked at The Max. The first time was in the episode of SBTB.

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