The New Class Season 2, Episode 13: “Bayside Story”


We open with Bayside having some serious self-esteem issues. It seems that they need both counseling to overcome their inferiority complex and spelling lessons.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h12m08s170

Oh, our gang comes out and says they’ve been vandalized by Valley. We’re also going with the Tommy D who suddenly loves sports and he’s ready to pound their pigs.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h12m22s59

Mr. Belding thinks this is horrible and is glad no Bayside students are involved in this shit, which, of course, is Brian and Bobby’s cue to come out and reveal they painted “Go Bayside” all over Valley’s football field. Mr. Belding is hella pissed and wants to hand out spankings. He says they haven’t beat Valley since Slater graduated. Um, Mr. Beldng, I don’t think they’ve met Slater yet. Did the fumes from the paint destroy some brain cells.

For those who are fans of random trivia that complicates the timeline of this series even further, Mr. Belding tells us this episode takes place at the same time as Wedding in Las Vegas as Screech is off for a romp. I admit, I haven’t seen Wedding in Las Vegas yet but isn’t it the conclusion to The College Years? Anyway, Mr. Belding continues referencing Saved by the Bell characters, assuming that the gang has heard about the Zack Morris and Kelly super romance since they must have watched “The Aftermath” and gotten pissed off at Kelly’s whoring ways as well.

Time to go to the movies and suddenly we find out that the girls are cheerleaders again and Megan is their captain, despite the fact this hasn’t been referenced this season and, in fact, we saw pretty much the opposite scenario play out in another episode. What happened to Tara Reid? It’s too soon for her to get caught up in a sharknado!vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h14m32s65

Bobby runs in wearing the Bayside mascot costume because he couldn’t be bothered to take the thirty seconds it would require to take it off.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h15m11s207

Valley players Brick and Rock show up and, for a second, I thought we were in for another kidnapping of a teenager by a twenty-five year old. Instead, they show how tough they are by pouring Bobby’s popcorn over his head. Go Valley! Create more work for underpaid cinema workers! They walk away laughing and this hella pisses off Megan, who calls them the obscene insult of “Valley slime.”


Megan goes to get more popcorn but she quickly runs into Handsome McHandome-Face here who turns out to be Doug, our love interest for the episode. It’s love at first sight and they decide to go on a date despite the fact they both say they don’t usually go out with people they just met. Why? Do they think dating requires fucking, or is Doug just too scared to have the frank discussion about his genital warts?vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h18m31s160

At The Max, Brick, Rock, and head Valley cheerleader Heather show up to randomly taunt the gang since they apparently lead boring lives and aren’t getting any so they have to find something to do. Tommy D wants to pound them but Brian reminds him about his anger management classes. Brian calls them jerks, which seems to be a huge insult in this universe, enough that they fuck the fucking fuck off.

At the school assembly for the game, the girls do their cheer for Valley while Bobby violently destroys a stuffed Valley bulldog, but Mr. Belding isn’t happy. He says they need to be friends with Valley and develop mutual respect and understanding. The gang is all, “Mutual respect and understanding my ass! Lynch the lot of them! They’re scum of the Earth and shouldn’t be allowed to walk the same streets we do!” Mr. Belding has surprise guests, though: Valley’s Coach, Mr. Conner…

…and their captain, Doug! Wah wah wah!

Megan is all, “You didn’t tell me in the short encounter we had that you went to Valley! How could you not reveal your life story to me in that short encounter?” Coach Conner talks smack about Bayside and Mr. Belding is all, “Get the hell out of my school before I assign you to Screech fucking duty!”

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Doug comes out of his hiding place in the boy’s restroom where he was hoping to catch a glimpse of Tommy D. He tells Megan that he likes her despite the fact she goes to Bayside and still wants to go out with her. Megan tells him, “That sounds great! I’ll shed the completely irrational prejudice I had against your school just a few minutes ago because the script tells me I should!”

They have a pop kiss, and the audience loses their shit.

At The Max, Megan reveals that her date is Doug and the others are all, “You have to stop dating him right away! How could you date someone who goes to another school when we have an irrational hatred of one another!” Megan is all, “I’m still going out with Doug!” As she walks out, the others are all, “How dare Megan act rationally! She’s our Judas if she doesn’t share our prejudices!” Brian suggests, though, that they might be able to completely screw over Megan, which makes me think he has a horrible plan.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h25m05s31

At cheer leading practice, the girls do the funky chicken. Lindsay and Rachel berate Megan for having a mind of her own and walk off.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h25m43s138

Tommy D walks in with his recently retconned teammates, Meat, Hacksaw, and extra whose name doesn’t matter. Meat, who’s now sporting a goatee because he didn’t already look too old to be on this show, berates Megan for dating a guy she likes. Tommy D is all, “We can’t be friends as long as you’re not under our complete control!”

Tommy D, with Bobby and Brian’s assistance, calls Doug with a horrible impersonation of Coach Conners. They tell Doug that he has to carry his playbook with him at all times to avoid Bayside getting their hands on it, and, since everyone in the Saved by the Bell universe are easily manipulated morons, Doug naturally listens.

Apparently now only nerds can work at the movie theater because Lindsay dresses up like Claire and sends sudden-employee Milton on break. Milton, continuing the trend of everyone being an idiot, doesn’t realize he’s never met this coworker before and listens to her. Good to know this is the guy handling money for the theater.

Doug comes in and Lindsay and Tommy D, who’s in a brilliant disguise consisting of a fake goatee, convince Doug that he’s the millionth customer and this means he gets a free movie pass for a year.

They put a cape and a crown on him and Rachel comes out as “Miss Multiplex” to take photos with him. Tommy D uses the flash bulbs from Rear Window to blind Doug…vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h28m43s142

…while Brian and Bobby use a super secret spy camera to photograph all the playbook. This…has to be their most convoluted plan yet. Jesus, it’s like one of Fred’s plans to catch the Scooby-Doo monster of the week!

Megan comes in and tells Doug she can’t date him because her friends’ stupid bigotry is more important than her happiness. They argue and run off as the gang overhears and suddenly feels sympathy that they peer pressured their friend into being an idiot.

Back at Bayside, the gang continue feeling like shit and decide they need another convoluted plan to fix all the shit they did. vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h31m18s149

Milton overhears and tells Mr. Belding there’s going to be a rumble. Oh, throw away last-minute subplots!vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h31m47s183

Brian, Bobby, and Tommy D use their brilliant powers of disguise to dress as Valley students. They find Doug and reveal what they did to him and he’s all, “Egad, your fake goatee at the theater completely fooled me! A wizard you must be!” They tell him that, if he wants the photos of the playbook, he has to show up at The Max at 3:30.

Lindsay and Rachel drag Megan into The Max as Doug, Rock, Brick, and Heather walk in for the film. Tommy D gives Doug the film and they all tell Doug and Megan they were jackasses to stand in the way of this great romance that will never be mentioned on the show again.

This leads to Heather crying with Rachel and Lindsay.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h34m15s136

Brick gets some onion in his eyes as Tommy D looks on lovingly.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h34m21s189

Rock and Bobby decide they may be able to forge their own romance. Everyone is friends now until it becomes convenient for Bayside and Valley to hate each other again…say in about fourteen more episodes.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h34m29s2

Mr. Belding and Milton come in with the riot gear they stole from the SWAT team to break up the nonexistent rumble at a business Mr. Belding has no authority over.vlcsnap-2014-09-28-20h35m21s22And Megan and Doug live happily ever after despite the fact that Doug never shows up again!

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  1. I think I actually saw this episode during its original run. As far as ripping of plots from the original series, The Prank War was one of my favorite episodes from SBTB season 1. The guy who Megan hooks up with, whose name I already forgot looks very familiar, I think he may have dated Laura Winslow on Family Matters.

    • He’s Bumper Robinson. I actually know this because he just keeps showing up in shows I watch. He was in Family Matters, I believe playing Romeo in a school play with Laura till he gets replaced by Steve. He was a regular on A Different World in the last two seasons I think. Sister, Sister and Hanging with Mr. Cooper. He also voices Hermes son on Futurama.

  2. Considering Dustin Diamond wasn’t in this episode nor the previous school episode, this is likely when “Wedding in Las Vegas” was TAPED, but it’s in no way when it OCCURED. The movie likely occurs during Spring Break (which actually makes sense if Zack and Kelly plan to elope, and The College Years ended in February), because Screech says “I guess I can kiss that summer job with the FBI goodbye.”

    Wait. Let’s test The New Class’ version of events. Mr. Belding attends the wedding, so he should likely be absent (along with Screech) in the next episode or two.

  3. Mr.bBel;ding appeared at the end of the movie after Zacks parents throw them a non-vegas wedding. So it’s possible that these New Class episodes took place *before* the non vegas wedding decision, hence why Belding is still in school.

    I’m a little rusty with the events as I haven’t seen the movie in almost 20 years.

    • It was still a Vegas wedding, because Zack and Kelly rode off from Vegas in a limo after their wedding.

      Derek had said to give a certain amount of time for them to plan a wedding for Zack and Kelly, but I don’t remember offhand what it was. Probably only a few days, though.

      I suppose Mr. Belding could have driven out to Vegas and back and missed maybe a day or two of school, assuming it wasn’t a weekend wedding, which it could have been.

  4. Steven Karaszewski

    I love thee blogs. Keep up the good work!

  5. I remember this episode because the guy who played Doug was that year a regular on A Diffrent World.

    The only thing I remember from him on that show is he was the love interest of Jada Pinkett’s character. And in one episode she chooses him over her old Baltimore BF…Tupac Shakur who played a character named Piccolo.

  6. The idea seems to be ripped off from The Brady Bunch (Marcia and the rival quarterback who steals Westdale’s playbook) and then twisted around a lot.

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