Saved by the Bell Season 3, Episode 9: “Fake ID’s”

vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h12m50s117 Today the gang are taking a photography class and it looks like Screech has found his subject. If he can’t have Zack Morris, at least he can have a consolation prize!vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h14m06s106

Zack Morris, meanwhile, finds his photographic inspiration in stalking random college girls who wander into The Max because they have a flat tire. This is Danielle, and Zack Morris not only changes her tire for her but does the romantic thing and lies that he’s in college so that maybe she will take his cursed virginity. She is so grateful she invites him to The Attic, an over-18 dance club. Don’t worry, though. Zack Morris has a plan to get in.


For some reason, Mr. Belding is the photography teacher. Seriously. There’s not even an explanation that the regular teacher is out. He’s just there because principals have so much time to teach random classes when the producers are too cheap to hire another actor. Oh, and, in case you forgot about Kelly’s whoring ways, Mr. Belding sums it up for us by first staring longingly at Jeff and then recapping the events of “The Last Dance” and “The Aftermath” with Lisa.
vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h20m20s2 Meanwhile, Screech makes fake IDs for the guys but he’s such a moron he lists Zack Morris’s age as 54. Why does anyone trust Screech with anything? I mean, seriously, Screech is beyond an idiot at this point.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h20m41s229 The plan is for the boys to sleep over at Zack Morris’s house and then sneak out after his parents go to bed. Here are the boys looking as innocent as actors on Saved by the Bell can pretend to be.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h20m56s117

And this woman with the Cybill Shepherd haircut is Melanie Morris, the woman unfortunate enough to have birthed Zack Morris. Screech is such an idiot that he almost blows the entire plan to Melanie. Melanie does a cursory search of Zack Morris’s room to make sure there are no women there to steal virginity, which I’m sure is something she has to do when Screech and Slater aren’t there as well, and, satisfied that her boy will remain pure another night, kisses him and leaves the room. The trio immediately strip their pajamas to reveal horrible looking clubbing clothes that look like they were designed by Ray Charles and depart for…vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h22m05s20

Welcome to The Attic, L.A.’s hottest dance club located exclusively on a reused set!vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h22m57s54

Our muscle bound bouncer here suddenly comes down with a case of Saved by the Bell-itis and can’t tell that Screech’s stupid fake ids are…fake. Zack Morris and Slater get in easily.

Even with his fake id and fake mustache, though, even Saved by the Bell-itis can’t get Screech into The Attic until Rhonda Robistelli’s long lost older sister here grabs Screech and takes him off to be anally raped.

Meanwhile, Danielle comes in and introduced Slater to her friends, Joan and Sandy.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h24m07s232

She then proceeds to molest Zack Morris up in the club. They go off to dance as Screech runs away from his new girlfriend because she’s masculine and strong and it’s funny. Slater spends the entire night telling Joan and Sandy all about Jessie until they decide they want to dope her up on caffeine pills and throw her off a bridge.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h26m52s83

By this point it’s 2:00 am and much past Screech’s bed time. It’s time for Slater to tuck him in bed and read him a bedtime story about how one day he’ll get a job at Bayside with a group of kids even more idiotic than their own gang.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h27m16s64

Before they can leave, though, they spot Jeff with a girl who is definitely not Kelly. Who would have thought: the guy who dates girls who are stupid slutty whores is a stupid slutty whore himself.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h27m33s247

Needless to say, the boys are jealous that Not-Kelly got to kiss Jeff before they could.

At school, the boys are half asleep and the girls are bored out of their minds when Mr. Belding starts showing random pictures of his wife. Mrs. Belding apparently resembles a killer whale as Kelly mistakes her for Shamu because fat people are automatically comical. Kelly shows her newest photo of Jeff to Mr. Belding, which just happens to be the exact same photo of Jeff from earlier in the episode, the very one that’s hanging on the wall in the background in this scene. Is there such a thing as self photo plagiarism?vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h29m39s210

After class, the boys reveal they saw Jeff at The Attic. Zack Morris reveals they got in using fake ids.

Jessie is all, “Feminism! Patriarchal society! Somehow fake ids make me really upset despite the fact they have nothing to do with my psuedo-feminism!” The gang naturally decide the best person to tell Kelly that Jeff is cheating on her is the guy that Kelly cheated on.

Zack Morris is all, “Hey, whore bag! Paybacks are hell, huh?” Kelly’s all, “You’re just jealous of the guy I cheated on you with! How dare you point out that my boyfriend is a slut just like me!”

Zack Morris storms out and Jeff comes out, who’s suddenly very non-committal about a date with Kelly. Jeff promises Kelly they’ll have a date to themselves as soon as he’s had his experience of being scummy just like her.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h31m55s59 Meanwhile, Zack Morris piles it on as much as possible hoping that Danielle will yet take his burden away from him. They set a date for Saturday night at The Attic since it’s the only place in L.A. to hang out, and hang up as Melanie comes in Zack Morris’s room. Melanie wants Zack Morris to go with his parents to see Peter, Paul, and Mary because if there’s anything kids in the ’90s loved it was seeing ’60s folk bands with their parents. Zack Morris politely declines on account of he wants to get lucky Saturday night but promises to bring him a hot souvenir.

At school, Screech makes fake ids for Jessie and Lisa with the intention that they will join the boys on Saturday to try and catch Jeff being a scum bag and take a photo.

After the rest leave, Kelly comes in and actually does the sensible thing, asking Screech if it’s true that Jeff is a scummy ho. Screech starts crying at the knowledge that the eternally loved Jeff-Kelly pairing is about to be broken up after eight whole episodes and Kelly knows that karma’s biting her in her lady boner.


At The Attic, Screech dresses as a member of ZZ Top to fool his man-woman, but she won’t be dissuaded or fooled since every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h35m24s97

Melanie, meanwhile, brings Zack Morris back a hot Peter, Paul, and Mary poster for him to put up on his wall next to all the other ’60s folk singers. Just then, Zack Morris’s cell phone, which he apparently conveniently forgot at home for the first time in his life, rings. Melanie answers it to hear Danielle tell her that she’ll be late to the over-18 dance club where she plans to deflower Melanie’s son.

Zack Morris is paranoid watching for Danielle and keeps cock blocking Lisa. Right as Lisa is about to storm off to find some tail of her own, she spots Jeff with Not-Kelly and lets the rest of the gang know, who are prepared to bound and gag him and send him off to be raped by green skinned alien women. Before they can, though, Kelly walks in. For some reason, the gang try to prevent her from seeing her scummy boyfriend but then they’re all, “Fuck it. Its almost time for the episode to be over. Let’s get this over with!”

Kelly walks over and asks Jeff how he could be a lying cheating scum whore after she was a lying cheating scum whore to Zack Morris. Jeff is all, “Kelly, you’re a naive moron for dating a molestery guy like me in the first place.” Kelly’s all, “Oh yeah! Well, one day I’ll marry the guy I cheated on to date you so I really have no lasting consequences! So goodbye forever until I see you at work tomorrow!” She storms off muttering that’s what she gets for dating a guy who could be replaced by William Shatner.vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h38m19s40

Kelly apologizes to Zack Morris for not believing that cheating hos attract and goes off to the restroom with Jessie and Lisa for some hot finger banging. Melanie comes in and finds the boys. She quickly figures out what happened and confiscates the fake ids. 
vlcsnap-2014-10-28-21h40m15s189As she drags them out of the club, Danielle finally walks in. Zack Morris begs his mother for some pussy time, but Melanie is hearing none of it as she doesn’t want this college whore puffing Zack Morris’s magic dragon. Melanie just looks on creepily while Zack Morris and Danielle kiss. She then drags the boys off for spankings and our episode ends with absolutely no consequences for the girls since Melanie didn’t have the predilection to go troll for anonymous tail like they did.

Firsts: Zack Morris’s mother (Melanie Morris).

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  1. Yeah, it confused me why the gang was so intent on stopping Kelly from seeing Jeff with the other girl when the whole plan was for them to take photo evidence of it to show her.

    And I’m glad that you addressed Mr. Belding being the photography teacher. Seriously, WTF? One throwaway line would have covered it.

    • It’s like Belding is principal/substitute teacher. I have no show universe theory for this. I mean substitute teachers get paid like minimum wage (extras prolly get that much too). Cutting back on them makes no sense. IRL, I’m guessing his contract had a required number of minutes he had to appear per show.


  3. Call me crazy, but in picture 12, with Slater with a piece of paper in his mouth and carrying Screech, is that Johnny Dakota behind Screech? You can see the same guy in line to get in the Attic in front of Zack and co.

  4. “and it’s funny” I love when you say that.

    Lmao Jessie and Slater are sickeningly cute man.

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  6. Parminder Dhillon

    I watched this episode today first why is it Mr Belding is teaching the photography class? and when you see the man dancing behind Slater when he is holding Screech is that Johnny Dakota from the no hope with dope episode I tried to look closely but I couldn’t tell also this episode marks the end of Kelly and Jeffs relationship but how does she even get into the club without ID that is weird.

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