The New Class Season 2, Episode 19: “The Class of 2020”

You know what, say what you will about the clip episodes from Saved by the Bell. At least the original series had the decency to wait until their final season to do their clip episodes, even if there were a shit ton of them and they did suck ass. The New Class is doing their first clip episode…after only two seasons, the first of which was a thirteen episode season. Oh, The New Class, have you no shame? Wait, I know the answer to that…

vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h42m38s88 Our framing story is that Mr. Belding is making a video for the Bayside class of 2020 to see what people in the ’90s were like.vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h42m55s255

Of course, Screech assists him because what else would Screech have to do on this show?vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h43m00s52

Now imagine you open a time capsule twenty-five years in the future, watch the video, and this is what you see. I believe I would have the impression Bayside was a school for the mentally challenged in the ’90s.vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h44m22s104

Anyway, our regulars, in pairs of two, get to talk about episodes that featured them since the things that happen on the show are apparently the only things on this show that mattered. First up are Megan and Bobby, who thinks this is what fashion will look like in 2020. God help us if we’re all dressed as the Tin Man’s idiot nephew.

Now, it’s my policy that I refuse to review a bunch of scenes that were already stupid to begin with just because the writers were so lazy they decided to do a clip show. I will say that the theme of this clip show is “couples,” which is problematic with Megan and Bobby given they’re not a couple. Leave it to the writers of this stupid show to use the subplot from “A Perfect Lindsay” about Megan teaching Bobby to dance as a positive moment in their fake relationship. Yeah, once again trivialize the main plot about anorexia and don’t even mention it during Lindsay’s segment. Instead, let’s talking about dancing.

God, I hate this show.

With that said, instead of reviewing stupid clips, let’s play a game called, “Things That are More Interesting than The New Class.” I welcome your additions in the comments below. Here’s my first four.

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead.

Chicago Fire


Superman Spiderman Batman

Comic books.




Seriously, imagine you’re in 2020 and this is the picture you get of the ’90s. I would deny coming of age in the ’90s if this is what it meant.vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h50m35s233

Tommy D and Lindsay are up next and Tommy D is fascinated by this cookoo clock about as much as a toddler is fascinated with a game of peek-a-boo. For the record, they’re still broken up.

Now, since the clips are starting again, here are four more things more interesting than The New Class.

Doing Your Taxes

Doing your taxes.


Zack Morris’s incredibly large freckles on his legs and arms.

Pet Dander

Pet dander.

Cat wearing Sunglasses

Cats wearing sunglasses.vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h57m02s21

It’s now Brian and Rachel’s turn and the writers decide to pretend like they’ve been developing Rachel’s love of shopping all season so they throw in an unfunny gag about her writing her own book on shopping. Oh, and to confuse matters even more about the timeline, they’re now dating in the school episodes as they use footage from the country club episodes that shows them dating.

But no time for all that! It’s clip time again, which means it’s time for four more things more interesting than The New Class!

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Icecream

Vanilla Ice Cream.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven.

Watching Paint Dry

Watching paint dry.

So now that the students have all contributed to the video, there are only two regulars left to reminisce about the episodes they’ve been in.vlcsnap-2014-10-30-21h59m46s127

Screech also manages to do the most disturbing skit involving Trolls dolls I’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, I think he escaped from a psychiatric hospital after The College Years was cancelled.

It’s time for clips again so it’s time for my final four choices of things more interesting than The New Class.

Snow ShirtlessSpending time in the snow while wearing swimming trunks.

Dust MiteDust mites.

ShowgirlsElizabeth Berkley’s career post-Saved by the Bell.

Mary Kate Ashley Olson

And. of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at things that are more interesting than The New Class. Unfortunately, next week, we’re back to our regular scheduled awfulness. For now, though, let’s just hope that there won’t be a spin-off in 2020 to open the time capsule from this awful class.

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  1. Ugh! A shameless rip-off of the worst clips episode from the original series?!

    At least we didn’t see the Class of 2020 sitting around with Mr. Belding and watching the tape, which would, of course, include the clips against all logic.

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