Saved by the Bell Season 4, Episode 4: “The New Girl”

Okay, we’re four episodes into the season and three of those episodes revolve around new female students. Am I seeing a pattern here? Did Bayside make some U.S. News and World Report listing of best high schools in America or some shit? Really, I think this season now outnumbers the previous three for new students…

We open with Zack Morris demanding everyone’s undivided attention for this important announcement: someone’s parked in his parking space and he’s fucking pissed! They better move their motorcycle now or he’s going to go all Nicholas Cage on their asses! Nobody will own up to committing this grievous sin and Screech is no help when he describes the person as being an NBA player. Stupid Screech.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h25m51s103

But the new student does come in and proves that Screech can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman without gender stereotypes. Zack Morris confronts her and tells her to move the fucking motorcycle out of his space and she tells him to fuck off and go give Screech a blowjob.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h26m44s128

Zack Morris won’t take his insult lying down and takes his grievance to Mr. Belding, who asks him in what universe this is considered important pressing business and Zack Morris tells him, “In my universe where I’m king!” Mr. Belding tells him to fuck off and do something important like figure out why Kelly and Jessie have gone missing, but Zack Morris already knows the answer to that, don’t you Zack Morris?

So the Fall Ball committee comes in during this to plan in the middle of Zack Morris searching the student handbook trying to find a way to exact his will on the student body. The committee consists of Lisa and Slater along with Ox, an airhead named Ginger, and a geek named Pete. The cream of the crop right there. Zack Morris keeps interrupting them while Ox tries to talk about beef jerky and guacamole and shit and Mr. Belding’s office really becomes Grand Central Station when the new girl, Tori Scott (Leanna Creel) comes in to introduce herself to Mr. Belding and let him know she’ll be randomly popping into episodes every time Kelly and Jessie mysteriously disappear.


Naturally, Zack Morris and Tori clash again, this time over a seat, as Zack Morris rushes out of the office, pissed off that no one gives a shit about trivial things. Tori does, however, think of the idea for the dance theme because we’re going with the cliche where the main character hates a new character but everyone else loves her.

In class, Zack Morris flirts with Ginger, who’s somehow managed to acquire a lower IQ than Screech and Tommy D put together. Tori blows Zack Morris’s cover that he’s assumed Ginger is such an idiot she won’t notice he’s reciting the lyrics to “Pretty Woman.” Ginger, needing to fulfill her role of being an idiot, assumes that means Zack Morris is Roy Orbison.

The bell rings and Mr. Breskin’s back, considerably more mellow this time over the last episode he was in involving new students. It’s like they forgot he was supposed to be a hard ass! He tells the class to pair off for a class project and Screech decides to pair with Slater instead of Zack Morris because it’s convenient to the plot. Zack Morris is paired with Tori, and they’re tasked with creating an ad campaign to present to the class on Friday. Um, didn’t they already do this plot with Mr. Tuttle? 

At The Max, Zack Morris and Tori ostensibly work on their project, an electronic organizer, but can’t stop fighting over their forced dislike of one another.  They decide to split up the work, with Tori writing the ad campaign and Zack Morris doing the product research because it will naturally end up they reach the same conclusions without talking with one another.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h33m13s151

Meanwhile, Slater and Screech are working, with Screech reading the all-important generic brown covered book.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h33m24s24

Lisa comes in to work on the dance but manages to insult everyone and they all quit leaving her to do the work on her own. She spots Tori at the next booth and asks her to help. Tori tells Lisa she’ll help if Lisa stops acting like a fucking psychopath and Lisa says she thinks she can handle that since she can be quite reasonable when it’s convenient to the plot. Lisa declares Tori to be her new best friend since her old two have vanished without a trace. And I’m not even joking…Lisa says she doesn’t have a best friend. She’s completely forgotten Kelly and Jessie exist…

The next day in class, Slater and Screech present their project, stupid sunglasses with mirror lenses that Screech can pretend he’s attractive in, as well as a second pair with windshield wipers. Mr. Breskin passes them both so he doesn’t have to be faced with the possibility of teaching them again next year.

Next up it’s Zack Morris and Tori, but Tori didn’t show up for school so Mr. Breskin tells Zack Morris he fails. I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. You can’t penalize a group in public school because one of them is absent. It’s called make-up presentation. But it’s convenient to the plot so that’s what we’re going with.


Zack Morris fakes his way through the presentation but then Tori walks in. He suddenly gets the idea that the commercial should be Tori would have known what time to be there had she used an organizer, and Mr. Breskin gives them an A because…everyone gets an A in his class now apparently.

In the hallway, Tori tries to apologize and explain things to Zack Morris, but he’s not interested in listening at the present time so please leave a message after the tone. After Zack Morris leaves, Lisa comes up and she and Tori exposit about how they were up until 4:00 am working on the dance and that’s why Tori overslept. Also, she’s all, “I think I’ll start liking Zack Morris now because the plot demands it!”vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h39m53s68

At The Max, Tori tries to talk to Zack Morris but ends up insulting Ginger in the process so they can continue fighting.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h41m43s142

In the locker room, Lisa and Tori talk about Zack Morris and Tori admits she suddenly has a crush on him. Lisa tells Tori she has to become more feminine if she expects any guy to like her.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h42m35s151

Welcome to a Lisa Turtle Presents production! My god, she must have the biggest ego in this franchise!vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h43m27s164

Zack Morris tries to be happy he brought Ginger to the dance, but she’s such an idiot she could probably annoy even Screech.  He can’t take anymore so he goes to get more punch.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h44m18s157

Tori walks in wearing a horrible present-like dress. Screech, since he hasn’t been an idiot enough in this episode, doesn’t recognize her and goes to find Tori to introduce to Tori. Yeah, you heard that right.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h45m19s0

Zack Morris can’t believe it’s possible for Tori to be feminine because she’s masculine and its funny.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h46m44s90

Before Tori can ask Zack Morris to dance, Ginger asks him but she’s an idiot when it comes to dancing, too, and dosn’t understand the pace of the muzak means she’s supposed to be slow dancing.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h47m21s205

Lisa cuts in and tells Zack Morris to get with the plot convenience and tells him it’s not her fault Mr. Breskin flunks people for being absent. Lisa tells Zack Morris Tori was late because she was helping with the dance, and Zack Morris realizes he’s been a tool of plot convenience so he goes to find Tori.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-08h48m44s11He finds her in the hallway and tells her he’s sorry for being so predictable. She accepts his apology and decides to stick around as an alternating member of the gang. And our episode ends with Zack Morris completely missing the signs Tori likes him and treating her like one of the guys, because she’s masculine and shit and it’s funny!

Firsts: Tori Scott, Ginger.

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  1. Ginger is played by Bridgette Wilson, Mrs Pete Sampras and will be seen in a few more episodes

  2. When you say “it’s funny”, I imagine the audience lost their shit over something not really funny 🙂

  3. Ox is primarily a “Tori batch” character. I think he appeared in only one Kelly/Jessie episode (last week’s). Also, Ginger is in the Tori episodes only.

  4. My question is, didn’t Zack Morris and his friends ever notice that whenever Tori was around, Kelly and Jessie weren’t and vice versa?

    On a serious note, the writers could have at least explain their absence.

  5. All the Tori episodes had a production date of 1992. That tells me that Kelly and Jessie left the show shortly after the Hawaiian Style movie.

    (By the way, are you planning on recapping the two television movies?)

    • From what I’ve read, Hawaiian Style was the fulfillment of their contracts, and that was to be the end – until TPTB inexplicably ordered more episodes, which necessitated the signing of new contracts.

      Conversely, some poster on IMDb disputes that, saying Mark-Paul’s physique in Hawaiian Style more closely matches The College Years. The poster says the Tori episodes were taped first, and Hawaiian Style was a reunion of the original cast.

      I tweeted Mark-Paul for a clarification, but he never replied.

      Regardless, some of the season 4 promo photos show Tori with Kelly, and one of those includes Jessie as well. I’m guessing Tiffani and Elizabeth agreed to come back to do these pics. One of them is in a locker room and have the gang (sand Jessie) wearing college shirts (none of which are CALU), and the other has the entire gang gathered around Tori’s motorcycle.

  6. Anybody ever read “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” by Chuck Klosterman? Its a series of pop culture essays and there’s a chapter in there called Being Zack Morris. In the chapter he explains what he calls the “Tori Paradox” about how Tori never appears in the same episodes as Kelly and Jessie. And what he says it kind of interesting.

    He says that ironically (even though it is never addressed), this is the only realistic thing about Saved by the Bell. That actual high school social circles tend to change and grow and occasionally omit certain people — that is, you don’t do everything with the same group of friends, and some friends are present during memorable events and others just aren’t. And depending on the size of your high school, it may be possible that your close friends could never meet. I always thought that was pretty funny.

  7. ILovedKellyKapowski

    I’ve read Klosterman’s “Tori Paradox” explanation a long time ago, and I don’t buy it. Lisa says to Tori in this episode “You’re my ONLY best friend”.

    My theory is the Tori episodes happen in an ALTERNATE universe. In this alternate universe, Jessie and Kelly don’t exist, which is why Lisa doesn’t remember them.

    This would also explain why Mr. Breskin is such a different character in this episode. In “The Fight”, he was a batshit crazy Earth Science teacher intent on failing the whole class by giving a test on the first day of school! In the Tori universe, he teaches a class on, um, Business and Marketing (?), and hands out A’s for mediocre presentations.

    In a future episode of season 4, Zack Morris takes Kelly to the senior prom, because she’s still special to him. This wouldn’t make any sense if Zack Morris had a boner for Tori during this same time period.

    I’m not sure if Ox exists in both universes, but Ginger only exists in the Tori universe. And Lisa’s hair seems to be a little different when Tori is around, so I think my “Alternate Tori Universe” theory is the most plausible explanation. Feel free to disagree!

    • This would actually be a good theory if not for the stupid New Class. In “Goodbye Bayside, Part 2” they sing the school song the gang came up with in one of the Tori episodes. In the same episode, Slater asks how Zack Morris’s wife is doing. Though he doesn’t name Kelly by name, Mr. Belding says in another episode that Screech is off at Zack Morris and Kelly’s wedding.

    • If you take Lisa’s “You’re my ONLY best friend” line literally, then I guess Zack and Slater don’t count either.

      I think an explanation that would keep the universe intact is Kelly and Jessie did something so horrendous that the others refused to hang out with them, but then they eventually reconciled.

      • ILovedKellyKapowski

        Sorry Mark, I think you’re grasping at straws.

        If you’ve noticed, there isn’t a single infraction on this show that cannot be forgiven within 22 minutes (except Kelly’s whoring ways with Jeff – that required a 2-parter). I can’t imagine what Jessie and Kelly could have done to be outcasted for several episodes.

        And the Tori-episodes and Kelly-Jessie-episodes were aired concurrently, which means the rest of the gang had to hate Kelly and Jessie for 1/2 hour, forgive them for 1/2 hour, then hate them again for 1/2 hour, over and over again.

        Spoiler alert: I’m about to give additional arguments from future Tori episodes.

        Starting with “Day Of Detention”, Lisa’s hair becomes straight, not curly. Yet, in “Senior Prom” and “Graduation”, it’s back to curly. Why would Lisa change hairstyles only when Kelly and Jessie aren’t around?

        In “Drinking and Driving”, there are 3 cheerleaders at The Max, and NONE of them are Kelly, who is head cheerleader. Even if Kelly was persona non grata, she would still have her cheerleading duties to perform.

        In “Slater’s Sister”…wait, Slater has a sister? That no one’s ever mentioned before? In “Slater’s Friend”, Slater made it seem like he grew up alone, so that’s why he needed his pet lizard Artie for company. Maybe he has a sister only in the Toriverse, which is why we never heard of JB Slater until now.

        In “School Song”, Zack Morris doesn’t want people to think he’s a goof-off. Yet, in “Wrestling With The Future”, he didn’t want anyone to know he’s actually going to start studying when he attends Yale, because he didn’t want to ruin his trademark reputation as a slacker.

        Finally, in “Masquerade Ball”, when Lisa thinks Zack Morris is her secret admirer, she acts like this is the first time Zack Morris has expressed an interest in her. Lisa gets all horny, and tells Tori she thinks Zack Morris is “so cute!”. However, in “The Bayside Triangle”, the 2 of them already dated. If Lisa was interested in rekindling this relationship with Zack Morris, I imagine she would have more motivation beyond his physical attractiveness.

        I invoke Occam’s Razor: the “Toriverse” theory is the simpler explanation!

        • Eh, this isn’t unique. This franchise does things like this all the time. Consider:

          – Good Morning, Miss Bliss must exist in a separate universe.
          – Zack Morris and Slater gave up really good offers to go to Cal U without explanation.
          – Bobby was not in season one of The New Class and Rachel was only in one episode, but, in season two, they were lifelong friends of Lindsay, Tommy D, and Megan. Meanwhile, Vicki and Weasel, who were also supposed to be lifelong friends, disappeared, never to be seen or mentioned again.

          I think if we create a parallel universe for every instance of writer incompetency in this franchise, we’re going to have an overpopulated universe.

          • ILovedKellyKapowski

            Just like General Relativity, the “Toriverse” theory is limited, and can only explain problems associated with the Tori episodes.

            Chuck Klosterman’s “Tori Paradox” explanation could be used to explain the absence of Bobby, Vicki, and Weasel.

            It’s possible Slater eventually received a comparable or better scholarship offer to attend Cal U.

            And the geniuses at Yale admission must’ve figured out at some point that SAT scores are bullshit, and a poor indicator of future college academic performance, so there is no fucking way Zack Morris would ever succeed as a student there. Plus, they’ve already got enough shit on their faces when they let George W Bush in.

            For the whole Miss Bliss and the “move from Indiana” … I got nothing. My hat is off to whoever can come up with a Unified Field Theory to explain ALL the non-sensical bullshit that happens on this show.

            I once read a theory that Zack Morris is a supernatural deity, hence his powers to freeze time and break the 4th wall, and the whole show happens within the realm of his imagination. But if that were true, he would’ve been fucking Kelly since Day 1, and Slater would’ve been a gay eunuch!

          • There’s also the fact that Slater magically forgot all about his Spanish heritage between Malibu Sands and college.

            And the gang was RETURNING to Bayside High at the beginning of their freshman year.

            And Zack aged up one year too many between “Fake I.D.’s” and college.

            Really, Tori not interacting with Kelly and Jessie on screen is the easiest thing to reconcile, especially considering we only ever see 20+ minutes out of one school day at a time (or less if an episode is spread over multiple days).

            If we actually stayed with these characters throughout the entire school days (around 7 hours per day for 9 months out of the year for 4 years), there would be MANY instances of the gang not being together. Things such as class schedules, sickness, class field trips, family, and after-school activities get in the way.

            Heck, when I went to high school, I had two “gangs” that never interacted with each other: my friend since 6th grade plus two of his friends in our Computer Programming class during junior year and three guys in my TV Production class during junior year. Other than my friend, I never hung out with any of these people elsewhere and, for the most part, didn’t see them outside those classes. I really don’t even remember any other regular groups of friends from freshman, sophomore, or senior years.

          • I like to imagine that, during the time they’re not on screen, our gang is so close they can’t even take a poo without the others being there to watch.

          • ILovedKellyKapowski

            The Tori episodes aren’t the only times Kelly and Jessie disappeared. Jessie was missing from “All In The Mall” and “Rockumentary”, and Kelly wasn’t in “Teacher’s Strike”. Also, Screech and Lisa weren’t around when Jimmy Fallon attended Bayside. So maybe they don’t all hang out together 24/7.

            But I’m still stumped about Lisa’s hair changing anytime Tori is around.

            I’m sure Screech would enjoy watching Lisa take a dump. He might even jerk off, and ask her not to flush, so he can savor her smells a little longer.

          • Lisa’s hair is easy. She follows the “trends” in whatever crappy fashion mag came out that week.

          • Parminder Dhillon

            Chris I want to add on the certain Kelly and Jessie disappearance out of nowhere I mean are they both away from Bayside or something? then they reappear again and then in the final graduation and Tori is not mentioned or even seen in Graduation?

  8. ILovedKellyKapowski

    If you watch “School Song”, Tori isn’t really essential to the plot. You can easily imagine either Jesse or Kelly in Tori’s place, saying Tori’s lines, which is possibly what happened in the normal universe. So it’s conceivable that the same school song could have been composed in both universes.

    Also, little Zack was born in one of the Tori episodes “Earthquake”, when Tori, Mrs. Belding, and Zack Morris were stuck in an elevator during an earthquake. Later on, little Zack makes several appearances on The New Class. Again, one could imagine either Jesse or Kelly being the one stuck in the elevator with Zack Morris and Mrs. Belding in our universe (except neither would be as freaked out about the earthquake as Tori).

    So yeah, I’m sticking with my “Toriverse” theory.

    • One of the episodes from the Tori batch, “Best Summer of My Life”, had no Tori but had references to an off-screen Kelly and Jessie and had Lisa in her Tori-batch hairstyle.

      • ILovedKellyKapowski

        “Best Summer Of My Life” wasn’t a Tori episode, but with the episodes airing so badly out of order, I guess anyone could make that mistake.

        • According to the production order, it was taped in 1992 with the other Tori episodes. It simply didn’t have Leanna Creel in it, and it credited Thiessen and Berkley, even though they didn’t appear (in the framing material).

          • ILovedKellyKapowski

            Oh, if only it was that easy to order the episodes correctly! You can’t go by production order, because those numbers are messed up too! (The production staff on the show must be as incompetent as the writers.) Since Kelly and Jesse appear in the flashbacks, I’m assuming “Best Summer Of My Life” happened in the normal universe, not the Toriverse.

  9. I like the “Toriverse” theory. I’ll have to watch those episodes with that perspective now!

  10. ILovedKellyKapowski

    Darn! The Season 5 DVD cover completely destroys my “Toriverse” theory! LOL.

  11. ILovedKellyKapowski

    Wow! I’m surprised they didn’t stick Jimmy Fallon into those group photos as well!

  12. ILovedKellyKapowski

    For all you “Toriverse” believers, there are 10 episodes in this alternate universe. After much research and analysis, I believe this is the correct chronological order to watch these episodes:

    The New Girl
    Day Of Detention
    Drinking And Driving
    Slater’s Sister
    School Song
    Masquerade Ball
    The Will
    Class Rings

    (It seems amazing to me that, with only 10 episodes, the producers could still manage to fuck up the airing order!)

    It would be quite a landmark episode if one day, the members of the 2 universes met face to face. Maybe one of the Bayside janitor’s closets is actually a magical doorway between the 2 universes.

    Imagine the hilarity and confusion when Tori catches Zack Morris and Kelly kissing at senior prom, or Jessie is puzzled because Slater doesn’t seem to remember she was his “mama”.

    Oh shit! How scary would it be to see TWO Screeches, side by side!

    Cmon, Jimmy Fallon! Work your magic!

  13. I agree with the alternate universe theory and I think it happened because all the times Zack froze time caused a tear in the space – time continuum.

  14. One thing I never liked is the lack of an explanation for no Jessie or Kelly.

    How I would have done this:

    – season begins. Air best summer, the fight, and a few other kelly/Jessie episodes.

    -half way through the season air this episode and in conversation have a character explain that “Kelly and Jessie were selected to represent Bayside in a foreign exchange program for a semester. They’re in Europe for a few weeks but should be back before school ends.”

    You can go two ways with this. Either introduce tori as normal or instead make the new character the exchange student from Europe that the kids friend (helps to explain her absence in graduation episode).

    – in the last tori episode, mention that Kelly and Jessie should be back next week from Europe and have an episode where they say goodbye to the exchange student if they went with option 2.

    – air the remaining kelly/Jessie episodes and it seems like everything was in continuity.

    I should have worked for this show. Haha.

  15. Parminder Dhillon

    I want to add on the certain Kelly and Jessie mysterious disappearance out of nowhere I mean are they both away from Bayside or something? Then out of the blue they appear again such as wrestling with the future the teachers strike love machine ETC. and the final graduation does anyone know how they just both disappear and comeback to graduate and Tori is not to be mentioned and not even seen in Graduation.

  16. Parminder Dhillon

    I don’t understand the disappearance of Jessie and Kelly and why its unexplained Tori is just a dull boring character

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