The New Class Season 4, Episode 22: “The Kiss”


Aren’t I lucky? We’re back at Space Camp for one more week because our first two outings weren’t torturous enough!


And we find out that the gang’s final project at space camp will be to build and launch model rockets for their graduation ceremony. Naturally, Mr. Belding and Screech will be supervising the two teams since Space Camp apparently doesn’t employ anyone competent enough to supervise groups of teenagers through basic rocket building. Mr. Belding’s team, the red team, will consist of Ryan, Eric, and Katie while Screech’s team, the yellow team, will be Rachel, Nicky, and Maria. Rachel wants to switch teams since she’s now codependent and can’t do anything without Ryan hanging off her but Mr. Belding says the plot demands she not be on Ryan’s team. Of course, the rest of the students don’t get to build model rockets because they don’t matter to the plot.


Well, maybe I’m wrong about other students not getting to be in groups. Another Space Camp employee comes in and introduces two random girls who decided to go shopping instead of doing their project so they need to join the gang’s groups. Meet Mary Beth Pepperton and Amy Wright. Mary Beth gets to be on the red team while Amy will be on the yellow team. Something seems familiar about these two, though. Why do I get the feeling they’re not so random placements?


God damn it. This is a stupid fucking crossover episode with Hang Time, isn’t it? Yeah, no joke, they decided the best way to get better ratings for a cheap Saved by the Bell rip-off was to put two of its characters into an even worse Saved by the Bell rip-off. I don’t know a lot about Hang Time other than it’s where Anthony Anderson got his big break but I know enough to realize that this crossover doesn’t make any sense in light of the final season when Dustin Diamond visits for a midnight screening of Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas. No, that is a real plot. In any case, I know nothing about Mary Beth and Amy other than the former is the manger of the basketball team and the latter is a cheerleader. So, I guess I’m going into it the way most viewers of The New Class did: with no fucking clue who these two were.


Ryan invites Mary Beth to sit with them and she immediately gives Ryan a lap dance, causing the audience to lose their mind since they don’t know how babies are made. Gee, I wonder what the conflict of the episode will be.


So we get to see the teams prepping for their rocket building. Mr. Belding gets his team red pencils.


While Screech decks out the whole team in yellow and even wrote up blueprints for them.  He’s also concerned they dry themselves with yellow towels because I’m sure he’s fitted them with waterproof cameras or such shit.


Screech then starts doing his usual crazy shit and Amy thinks Screech is the most awesome thing to have ever existed, which must mean that Amy’s the dumb ass of the Hang Time gang. After all, who else would think Screech is intelligent?

Mr. Belding, meanwhile, assigns Ryan and Mary Beth to design their rocket so they have some time together to get their subplot together while Eric and Katie go to find material. Rachel passes them and tells Ryan she’ll see him at dinner as Ryan and Mary Beth wax poetic about how sad they are to have boyfriends and girlfriends and shit.


The next day, it’s time for the groups to show off their rockets. Red team’s rocket will go up to fifty feet in the air…


…while Mr. Belding has rocket envy for yellow team’s rocket as it can go five hundred feet in the air. And, thus, we get Mr. Belding and Screech’s subplot: competition over who has a bigger rocket ship. Actually, I’m sure this is what they talk about all the time.

Mr. Belding decides that they need better materials and research so he sends Ryan and Mary Beth to get supplies. Ryan cancels dinner with Rachel and then…borrows Mr. Belding’s car. What is it with authority figures in this franchise just randomly trusting their cars with teenagers?


And what is it with said authority figures’ cars breaking down randomly? Yeah, Mr. Belding’s radiator hose comes off so Ryan and Mary Beth can wax poetic about how pretty the sky is and shit. vlcsnap-2015-11-10-16h32m41s199

Ryan reads the script and realizes he’s supposed to have a subplot involving him cheating on Rachel so he and Mary Beth kiss so they can move the plot along.vlcsnap-2015-11-10-16h33m20s54

The next day at breakfast, Ryan and Mary Beth do the classic sitcom cliche of trying to pretend nothing happened by acting as weird and anxious as possible. Still, because the plot demands it, no one realizes they have “Cheating Whores” written all over them.


In our other subplot, Screech talks shit about Mr. Belding’s rocket ship and suggests he launch it with a slingshot.


Meanwhile, Mr. Belding’s become overly paranoid about a new rocket design. When Nicky comes in, he suggests they move so Nicky can’t copy his stupid design.


Ryan asks for some time alone with Nicky. Mr. Belding tells him to have fun but don’t let him see their rocket yet until it’s fully ready to blast off. Ryan tells Nicky he kissed Mary Beth and Nicky gives him the predictable advice that Mary Beth will be going back to Indiana so does he want to risk shit with Rachel to go out with her. Never stopped Zack Morris. In any case, Nicky tells Ryan he has to decide what to do about the kiss, leaving Ryan to contemplate his future.

Ryan and Mary Beth talk and decide that it was a one time thing and they still love the people their respective shows tell them they need to be with.


So Mr. Belding and Screech’s subplot comes to a head with each destroying the other’s rocket ship because they’re being awesome examples for the gang.  This leads to both teams getting fed up and saying they’re not going to participate in this dumb subplot any longer. Mr. Belding and Screech go off to talk.


Ryan tells Rachel about the kiss and insists he still loves her and hopes she will forgive him. Rachel puts on the best hurt face that Sarah Lancaster can muster and rushes off since the guy who, earlier this season was so paranoid that she would cheat on him, cheated on her.


And, surprise, she hasn’t forgiven Ryan by the next scene so she takes some flowers he got her and throws them in the garbage, saying she’s almost done with this series so why should she bother with this shit any longer.


Mr. Belding and Screech tell the teams they’ve been bad leaders and role models and dumb asses, so they decide to have both teams work together and see what they can come up with by tomorrow.


For an episode about Ryan cheating on Rachel, there hasn’t been a whole lot of Rachel around, so we get this scene for her to get advice from Katie and Maria. Katie tells Rachel to stay with him. Rachel actually brings up Nicky cheating on Katie, something I figured the writers would just forget about, and she says that’s totally different, even though it’s actually the same. Maria agrees with Katie, insisting that staying together is a good opportunity for pain on Ryan’s part.


Mary Beth comes in to talk to Rachel and tells her she feels awful that their crossover made the Hang Time characters look like a horrible asshole and a dumb ass. She says she hopes Rachel finds it in her heart to forgive him so they can continue their love until the end of the series.


The next day, the Space Camp people tell Mr. Belding and Screech the combined team rocket is the best they’ve ever seen. Of course it is. When our gang shits, they shit gold, even if it is shit. We get some shit about team work and all and they’ve got an hour before the ceremony.

Rachel tells Ryan she wants to stay with him and Ryan says he wants Rachel to trust him again, promising he won’t cheat on her again until he finds another girl to date next season.


Screech obsesses over not pressing the rocket launch button. Naturally, since he’s a complete dumb ass, he presses it even as he tells the others not to.


And the episode ends as we learn the real reason Space Camp California closed: because a dumb ass washed-up child actor blew it up.

10 responses to “The New Class Season 4, Episode 22: “The Kiss”

  1. ILovedKellyKapowski

    If the whole gang was allowed to be 1 team in the first place, why did Mr. Belding and Screech ever separate them into 2 teams? (I know … plot!)

    Chronologically, I think this is the last episode of Season 4. Also, in a future episode, someone mentions that Space Camp took place over summer vacation. Which makes sense, because the real Space Camp takes place during summer vacation, when all the students are out of regular school.

    (Spoiler alert!)
    So at the start of next season, Rachel has moved to Boston. I imagine she couldn’t forgive Ryan after all (although moving to the other side of the country seems a bit extreme), and then says she met someone else. Anyways, Ryan gets all butt-hurt, but it serves his cheating ass right!

    Does anyone know if any Hang Time episode ever dealt with the repercussions of Mary Beth’s cheating-whore ways? Did she ever tell her boyfriend on that show, like she said she would do?

  2. I don’t remember this ever being brought up on Hang Time. I remember Mary Beth is seeing Vince, a stereotypical Italian straight from Brooklyn. Think Tommy D that talks like one of the guys from Saturday Night Fever.

    But I don’t remember this or space camp every being brought up.

    Interesting, what year did this season happen? I swear that California Dreams was still on. That was the crossover I wanted to see. And would of been easier to write.

    Dreams take a gig either at the Max or a Bayside dance. St. Peter wackiness incudes.

    I have to admit, I liked Mary Beth. To me she was one of the better characters in the St. Peter Universe. The cheerleader Amy on the other hand, not so much. But they did replace her with a cute redhead next year. She was a WAY better more likeable character.

    • ILovedKellyKapowski

      The following info is what I gathered from Wikipedia, as I have never watched (or even heard of) Hang Time. Any fans of Hang Time, feel free to correct or add any info.

      “The Kiss” aired on Nov 16, 1996. On this date, Hang Time aired its Season 2, Episode 11 (out of 13 total for the season) “Superman Brodis”. On Nov 9, 1996 (a week prior), Mary Beth started dating Vince on “Son-in-Law”.

      So I’m thinking the “boyfriend” Mary Beth refers to in The New Class is NOT Vince, since they just started dating a week ago, and also, how would she be able to leave Deering High during the middle of the school year, fly from Indiana to California with Amy, just to finish some stupid final project at Space Camp?

      Also, Space Camp takes place during the summer, so I’m thinking “The Kiss” occurred during Summer 1996 (and just aired a few months later, kinda like Hawaiian Style). During this summer, Hang Time was on hiatus, it’s 1st season ended back in Dec 1995. During Season 1, Mary Beth was dating Chris, but broke up with him at some point before Season 1 was over.

      So Mary Beth must’ve had another unnamed boyfriend between Dec 1995 and Summer 1996 (during the hiatus between Season 1 and 2), and HE’S the one Mary Beth cheated on with Ryan. If this is the case, then who fucking cares??? “The Kiss” would’ve been better if Mary Beth was single, and Ryan was the only cheater, because how many viewers would care about a boyfriend who has never been heard or seen, and only mentioned on ANOTHER fucking show!!!

      Also of note: Amy didn’t join Hang Time’s cast until the start of Season 2, so I’m not sure if she had always been at Deering High, and was friends with Mary Beth, but just was never seen or mentioned prior to the start of Season 2 (like how Katie and Eric apparently were always at Bayside, just never seen or mentioned before Season 4). Can any Hang Time viewers elaborate on this?

      • “The Kiss” couldn’t have aired during summer 1996. Nicky wasn’t in California yet and Ryan and Rachel weren’t dating.

      • ILovedKellyKapowski

        Shit, you’re right. I was contending that Space Camp occurred during the summer following their Season 4 school year was over, but that would mean it’s Summer 1997, which would be in the future, since this episode aired Nov 1996. Possible? I’ll let everyone make up their own minds.

        That would mean Mary Beth cheated on Vince. Also, I just noticed on Wikipedia, Hang Time Season 3 Episode 1 “Team Captain” says that “Mary Beth reveals that she kissed Ryan Parker at space camp”.

        This episode aired Sept 6, 1997, just after Summer 1997 ended. Did anyone actually see this episode? Did Vince ever forgive Mary Beth?

        • It was actually a case of Mary Beth forgiving Vince because while he was guilt tripping her the girl he’d been kissing two weeks earlier turned up and was under the impression he was single.

        • I think Chris is morally obligated to review Dustin Diamond’s two appearances on “Hang Time” for completeness’ sake.

          • Mark, I’ve considered it. I’ve seen bits and they’re both horrible. The first is actually a rip off of The New Class season two episode, “Wanna Bet?”, except with Anthony Anderson instead of a fake Swiss guy.

  3. OK, this will clear it up. The Kiss was mentioned on Hang Time in the episode mentioned above. Starts at 4:48

    • ILovedKellyKapowski

      Thanks for posting this. I watched the whole episode.

      So Vince initially gets pissed at Mary Beth, and says he’ll forgive her if she becomes his slave for the rest of the school year. He makes her stand in line for hours to get him movie tickets, and fetch snacks for his friends. What an asshole.

      Then, some random girl appears, and reveals she kissed Vince a few weeks ago. Mary Beth gets pissed, but then they talk and agree to always be honest with each other. The End.

      Wow, so Rachel could’ve just kissed another guy, and she and Ryan would be copacetic, right?

      I only watched this 1 episode of Hang Time, so I don’t want to judge too harshly, but it doesn’t inspire me to watch any more episodes. I wouldn’t even describe this as “Saved By The Bell with basketball”, the characters seem really dull and uninteresting (except Anthony Anderson, of course!). Not sure this show is even worth getting REVIEWED.

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