Site Introduction

Welcome to “Saved by the Bell…Reviewed”, where we review an episode of the classic television series Saved by the Bell every week. To give credit where credit is due, this site is inspired by Full House Reviewed. I love the fact that this guy has taken on every episode of Full House and has made it a joy to read. I hope to do the same with Saved by the Bell.

Why Saved by the Bell?

I thought long and hard about what series I wanted to review. I briefly considered Growing Pains but I realized that it’s, in reality, an unremarkable standard ’80s sitcom, despite how bat shit crazy Kirk Cameron has turned out to be. I thought about Small Wonder but someone beat me to it. I considered The Wonder Years but it’s perhaps the best sitcom of the time and I’m scared I wouldn’t find as much to mock about it. I considered The Hogan Family and Mr. Belvedere, but I’d be concerned about there actually being enough people who remember those series willing to read about them.

But then I thought why not the series that, if you grew up in the late ’80s and early ’90s, you couldn’t avoid? I mean, I very rarely watched this show growing up and even I knew the names Zack Morris and Screech. Plus, if I really decide to be a masochist, there’s two spin-offs I can eventually do, and, believe me, those truly are bad. And, let’s face it: Saved by the Bell may not be as bad as Full House; in fact, there are many things about it that I love and find entertaining. But, looking back on it, it’s still cheesy as hell.

So, with that, I start this project, with no idea whether it will drive me crazy or not. Please let me know how I’m doing. Since Saved by the Bell isn’t completely despicable, I plan on taking a slightly different tone with it than “Full House Reviewed” took with their material. But I still hope it will be entertaining, nostalgic, and funny.