The New Class Season 6, Episode 11: “Loser”


We’re back to one of the staples of this show, fundraising episodes! Yay, I missed them so much when they were only marginally used in season five. I hope we can see a stupidly themed dance to go along with it that makes me think no one involved has any common sense.


We open in the hallway with Eric interviewing Liz and Katie for the radio station about how super dee nervous they must be to be competing in such a major competition and shit. And Eric must think he’s working for the television station because he keeps making visual references as if his audience can see what the fuck he’s talking about. This proves, once and for all, the writers of The New Class don’t understand how television works.


Maria already got knocked out so no one gives a shit about her, but she’s planning the dance for Friday night to raise money for “all of them” to go cheer the swim team in Sacramento. What, is she raising money for the whole school since all the extras cheer, or is it just the gang who get this special treatment as usual? In any case, the boys are fucking sick of selling tickets because it’s not wild and crazy and exciting stuff, because that’s what I would think selling tickets would be. Frankly, if they thought selling tickets and serving on a committee was going to be exciting stuff, they’re even dumber than the writers of this episode.


Remember Mr. Klopper, our old janitor from season five’s “Secrets and Liz” who’s actually the on-set teacher for the cast? Well, he’s back, and our Mr. Belding and Screech subplot is all about how he’s not doing his fucking job because he’s old and shit so Mr. Belding gives Screech the job of firing him. Oh, the irony of Screech firing anyone.


At The Max, Liz tells Katie she can go practice and shit because she sucks, but Liz doesn’t need to practice because I guess when you’re awesome, you don’t need to practice.


Meanwhile, Maria’s entire dance committee sucks and quit after they can’t even agree on the time of the dance because they wear too much make-up. Because women be wearing too much make-up, right guys? This leaves Maria with no choice but to allow the boys to plan the dance because they need something to do this episode.vlcsnap-2016-08-22-18h11m38s202

In Mr. Belding’s office, Screech has a hard time firing Mr. Klopper because he’s old and friendly and shit. Instead, he gives Mr. Klopper an unauthorized raise. I’d suggest they take it out of Screech’s paycheck, but his wages are probably being garnished for every other bat shit crazy thing he’s ever done. I would say he’s just being emotionally manipulative to keep his job because he knows he just sucks ass, but that would conflict with what actually happens in a minute.


At the swim meet, Katie wins her event, so Liz congratulates her.


But then Liz loses the race, leaving her in disbelief that she’s now a loser! And here I thought the title was going to refer to our resident dumb ass.

Now let’s analyze this for a minute: last season Liz’s father was concerned that she wasn’t getting enough practice to be an Olympic hopeful, but backed off so she could have a life. In that time, she’s dated Ryan and an emotionally manipulative guy, traveled around the world, and held multiple jobs. In addition, she’s cocky enough that she didn’t practice. I’m going to make the leap that Liz being on this show has destroyed her swimming career. Mind you, this isn’t a leap the writers would make or else the episode would go very differently.


At Bayside the next day, Liz is still in denial that she suddenly sucks ass. Maria and Katie have to pound into her that she really does suck ass and actually lost. Liz has trouble dealing with being a loser and nearly throws a hissy fit about not winning her third state champion ship.


In case you wondered what the boys were up to, they’re busy fighting over the theme of the party. Eric wants to recycle the Hawaiian luau theme while Nicky wants to recycle the ’50s sock hop theme and Tony wants to recycle the western theme. I think those might be the only three themes these writers can think of because they’ve all been used in previous episodes.


When Mr. Belding finds out Screech couldn’t bring himself to fire Mr. Klopper, he goes to do it himself but soon finds he can’t do it either because Mr. Klopper is old and nice and shit. Instead, he appoints him vice-president of maintenance shit because that doesn’t sound at all like a made-up title, even without my sarcasm.


Liz continues having trouble dealing with being a loser, finding herself having trouble concentrating on her school work. She utterly loses it when a random girl walks in just to tell Katie how awesome she is for winning.


That night, Liz has a dream where the writers have decided that, instead of going with the pink-framed dream sequences the franchise has used the last ten years, they’re going to fill Bayside’s hallway with a pink fog because it’s close to the end of the series and they just want to do random shit at this point. In the dream, Maria and Katie get Liz a sweatshirt with a big L on it for “loser.”


And the boys reveal they came together to make the theme of the dance how much Liz suck, which would be a theme I could get behind if you switch Liz with Tony.


Even Mr. Belding and Screech show up to tell Liz how much she sucks, and you know you’ve fallen far when Screech is telling you how much of a loser you are.


And we fade away from the dream with everyone pointing at Liz and yelling, “Loser!” because The New Class has just utterly destroyed Liz’s life.


At Bayside, Screech discovers that Mr. Belding couldn’t fire Mr. Klopper either and has been cleaning for him to cover for him. They decide to just fire him together since Screech’s idiocy and Mr. Belding’s apparent growing senility will be no match for Mr. Klopper’s ability to look as cute as a newborn kitten.


The boys all try to decorate the gym for the dance theme they’ve chosen. Since this has barely been touched on, they all get mad that they’re all acting like idiots, including Tony, who picks up a coconut and throws it at Nicky’s jukebox, yelling, “TONY LIKE WEAR CHAPS! TONY SMASH OTHER IDEAS!”


But they’re interrupted by Liz, who comes to tell the gang she’s decided to leave Bayside because she, too, has realized that The New Class is ruining her life. The others try to tell her she’s not a loser, but they do about as convincing a job as Screech when he’s pretending to be a responsible adult.


So it’s Mr. Klopper’s birthday and his wife brings in a cake that she later says she’s going to cut. Interestingly enough, the actress, if you want to call her that, playing Mr. Klopper’s wife is the actor’s real life wife. I guess they felt like, at the end of the franchise, they owed her something for the trauma of having to listen to this guy’s stories of Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Dustin Diamond all these years.

Anyways, the cute old age stuff nearly prevents Mr. Belding and Screech from being able to fire Mr. Klopper again, but Screech just does what he does best and yells out random stuff, which happens to sound like, “Mr. Klopper is fired.” Mr. Klopper is all, “Thank god! One more episode on this show and I might have been considered a recurring character!” He gets the fuck out of there, never to be seen, happy that his life isn’t being ruined like Liz’s.


Speaking of Liz, after the boys apologize for being idiots in their subplot, Maria and Katie reveal that Liz cleaned out her locker. Mr. Belding comes up and finds out what’s been going on while he’s been immersed in the cuteness of little old men.


Mr. Belding finds Liz by the pool, who tells him she’s quitting swimming. Mr. Belding tells her all about how his dream was to be principal of Bayside, because that’s everyone’s dream, right, and how he didn’t get the job the first time he applied. This convinced Liz that The New Class isn’t screwing up her life and she should give it another try, at least for fifteen more episodes, and she says she’s sure she’ll be great next year! I don’t get it. Are they suddenly implying Liz is younger than the rest of them and not graduating next year even though she’s been taking the same classes as the rest of the gang? My brain hurts!


Oh, joy! This makes the entire episode: that we got a stupid dance idea: a combination western, luau, and sock hop, because combining three things this franchise has already done several times before makes them new again and shit!


Liz shows up and apologizes for acting like a cry baby that she believed this show was ruining her life. All is forgiven, the rest button is pressed, and our episode ends with Liz assuring them there will be lots of swim meets in season seven for her to redeem herself and shit.

Was that the most meta episode ever?

8 responses to “The New Class Season 6, Episode 11: “Loser”

  1. Someone really loosened the purse strings for this episode. The entire dance committee, Liz’s classmate and her teacher, the janitor and his wife – everyone was talking this episode!

    Liz was looking past the city finals to the state finals, okay but she’s still training for the same event. She’s not taking taking it seriously so she doesn’t go for an additional practice – would have made no difference whatsoever. It’s not a test she can cram for at the last minute.

    Simple fix – Katie could have seen Liz organise a date for that evening and said, “Liz are you not having an early night, the contest is first thing in the morning?” “No it’s fine, to be honest I could probably win this event in my sleep.”

    Excuse my ignorance of the US school system but is not Liz not the correct age at the moment? Belding calls them the Class of 2000 – so I assume they should be graduating Summer 2000? She was off-screen for at least her first year at Bayside, if we say she joins the gang in only her second year, in this her third year she’s turning 17 and then 18 the next. She shouldn’t be attending classes with Maria (Class of 1998?) but her personal timeline fits doesn’t it?

    • They’ve actually said in an episode this season that Liz is 16 years old, which should make her either a sophomore (second year) or junior (third year), whereas the rest of the gang are looking forward to graduation, making them seniors (fourth year), and seasons six and seven both basically cover the same year; I refuse to give the writers and producers of The New Class shit because NBC decided to artificially break up one season into two smaller ones when there are so many legit reasons I could give them shit (besides, that would mean Maria was in high school for six years). But, if she graduates in the finale next season, that would have to mean either they’ve decided to ignore her age or she was skipped ahead at some point.

      • They ignored her age. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liz graduates next season with the rest of the gang. In fact she announced she’s going to Stanford in the last (next to last) episode.

        Speaking of Liz. It’s good that she has her own episode. I said in the beginning on the season she was there just to be there or to be good eye candy. Even though I remember that’s how the rest of this and next season turns out. It’s nice to see her own episode without Ryan.

  2. Yeah she’s 16 at the beginning of this school year (’98 – ’99) so she’s a junior then. Season 7 she starts her senior year at 17 and turns 18 before she graduates. The age they gave her and the fact she’s expecting to be back swimming for Bayside next year suggests the decision to split the season in two had occurred by the time these episodes were written.

    The Class of 1999 would have worked better for the majority but whatever happened Maria was graduating late.

    Season 2 (Year 1995 – 1996)
    (Off-screen) Maria and Tony join Valley at age 14

    Season 3 (Year 1995 – 1996)
    Maria transfers to Bayside at age 15
    (Off-screen) Katie and Eric start at Bayside.
    (Off-screen) Nicky starts High School in New York
    Maria celebrates her 16th Birthday

    Season 4 (Year 1996 – 1997)
    Katie and Eric start their second year.
    Nicky transfers to Bayside
    (Off-screen) Liz joins Bayside

    Season 5 (Year 1997 – 1998)
    Liz joins the gang
    Maria celebrates an unspecified birthday (18?)

    Season 6 (Year 1998 – 1999)
    Tony transfers to Bayside

    Season 7 (Year 1999 – 2000)
    Maria and Tony start their sixth year of High School
    Eric, Katie and Nicky their fifth.
    Liz her fourth.
    Maria celebrates another unspecified birthday (20?)
    All six of the gang graduate as the Class of 2000.

    • I’m not so sure about your logic with the writers being aware they were splitting the episodes. I’ve already taken a look at some of season seven, and it seems many of the episodes take place chronologically before “Season’s Greed-ings,” the season finale of season six. In one, it even appears as if Maria and Tony hadn’t started dating yet!

      Also, as established in “Maria’s Revenge,” Maria and Tony met in middle school, supposedly four years prior to that episode. And, although a few lucky people might get a fifth year of high school if they failed a year and need to make it up to graduate, a sixth year is out of the question and would never happen. You’d simply be told to go get a GED at that point.

      There’s no resolving this chronology. I think Liz was established as 16 because that’s how old Ashley Lyn Cafanga was at the time and the writers didn’t bother to think of the consequences of that.

      • Yeah it’s just for fun, obviously as much as you hammer the pieces of this jigsaw it’s never going to give you a perfect picture. I hope everyone takes it in the spirit it’s intended.

        Tony stood Maria up at their middle school prom so that would be off-screen season one. Three complete years at Bayside, One at Valley, that sounds about right. In this world obviously, not in the normal “four years of high school” world.

        Looking at this episode if this is the last season either Liz is changing schools in her final year and not even her principal comments on that or she’s expecting to be alone at Bayside next year when everyone else graduates in the summer. She doesn’t mention that either. That’s some serious dumb luck on that writer’s part if they were in the dark about the production schedule.

        Episodes airing out of order is a staple of this franchise but the other seasons finished by December. It would have ended December ’98 on a normal run, spring ’99 airing one episode a week but they went with the Class of 2000?

  3. Someone really needs to put these episodes on YouTube. I can’t believe that all Peter Engels TNBC shows are there except for this one.

  4. Oh and also it’s kind of nice to see Mr. Belding as a role model again helping out one of his students instead of brining in some type of Olympic swimmer to talk to Liz.

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